Where is Dick Cheney During the Gulf Oil Spill?

Former Vice President (and former Halliburton CEO) Dick Cheney, so vocal during the first year of President Obama's administration in his attempt to scare us to death on national security, has been remarkably silent since the Gulf oil spill began its slow motion march into the nation's consciousness.

There was not a decision on war or energy the current president made that was not questioned, even ridiculed, by the former Bush Administration number one two. However, since the Deepwater Horizon began its slow motion process of turning the Gulf into a dead zone, Mr. Cheney has been remarkably silent.

Why Is Dick Cheney Silent on the Oil Spill?

NEWSWEEK - 6/10/10: The former vice president is usually a vociferous defender of his time in government. But not on the disaster in the gulf. When the Obama administration, or the media, or just about anybody contradicts Dick Cheney's views on national security, he is far from shy about responding. But facing a firestorm of criticism over the oil spill, he's been notably silent. More than national security, energy policy and the oil industry might be considered Cheney's real areas of expertise. He was chairman and CEO of oil-services company Halliburton between 1995 and 2000. And, of course, he worked prominently on energy.

Halliburton was working on the Deepwater Horizon rig just before it blew up, opening the well and sending oil gushing into the Gulf of Mexico. Some experts have speculated that the company may have been to blame for the explosion. The pro-oil atmosphere (and Cheney's continued links to Halliburton) during his vice presidency, have also come to the fore since the April 20 accident.
What is a more important to our national security than our dependence on fossil fuels during an unprecedented catastrophe involving oil? Is this not the former VP's expertise? Did he not hold (secret) energy meetings, because he was the expert from Halliburton, where it has been suggested many of the policies that led to deregulation were decided. What really did happen at that meeting?

This is an important question since Halliburton was a player in this worst environmental disaster in the history of the United States. It was their cementing of the well that did not hold. They were involved.

Is that why Mr. Cheney has been so silent? Has he decided to finally recuse himself because of conflict of interest? Or is it something more? Does he know how much the floor of the Gulf is damaged? Did he know how bad it was the minute the rig blew up? Is there something he should be sharing with his fellow citizens?

Mr. Vice President, you're a patriot. Help us out here. What do you know about this spill that has caused you to go so suddenly silent? What do you know that we don't? How bad is it?

Why have you nothing to say about this when you were so vocal before?

Your country would like to know.


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